NSW Weed Society Newsletter Archive 1966 to current

The NSW Weed Society newsletter is a key method of communicating with members. The newsletter has evolved over time including a change in name.

A Good Weed 2010 - 2013

A Good Weed #86 Summer/Autumn 
A Good Weed #85 Winter/Spring 2019 [PDF |5.79Mb]

New Committee for 2020, NSW Weeds Biocontrol Newsletter, NSW Biennial Weeds Conference AGM Information, Conference Award Winners, 22AWC Information, Conference Photo Competition Conference Paper by Phil Blackmore

A Good Weed #84 Summer Autumn 2019 [PDF |6.49Mb]

Includes information on NSW Weeds Conference, NSW Biocontrol Taskforce, NSW Weeds Society Awards and Alternatives to Conventional Herbicides.

A Good Weed #83 Spring 2018 [PDF |7.22Mb]

Australian Weeds Conference – highlights Society Award recipients present their reports African Boxthorn bio-control agents AGM and treasurers reports

A Good Weed #82 Winter 2018 [PDF |6.90Mb]

Includes Australasian Weeds Conference – program and special features; Coolatai grass- hard to beat; Biosecurity weed warnings; The A to Z and weed identification

A Good Weed #81 Autumn 2018 [PDF |9.20Mb]

Includes Biocontrol of ox-eye daisy; sterilising woody weeds to prevent seed spread; Awarding of prizes at the NSW Biennial Weeds Conference; Collaborative effort for biological control research in NSW

A Good Weed #80 Summer 2018 [PDF |4.76Mb]

Includes NSW Weeds Conference; Weed control along fence lines, roadsides and crop margins; Life membership for Rex Stanton; AGM and tour of Grafton bio-control facilities

A Good Weed #79 Spring 2017 [PDF |2.10Mb]

Includes Fleabane – coming at you from all angles; NSW Weeds Conference; Biocontrol of boxing glove cactus; Reminder for AGM at Grafton

A Good Weed #78 Autumn 2017 [PDF |1.79Mb]

Includes Glyphosate under review; Local Land Services new strategic weed management plans; NSW Weeds Conference; Singapore daisy alert

A Good Weed #77 Summer 2016/17 [PDF |2.63Mb]

Includes Deirdre Lemerle – Life Membership; Book launch – ’50th Jubilee: A history of the Weed Society of New South Wales’, AGM and Annual dinner highlights; Jim Swain – reflections on the society; Chemcert’s five-steps chemical response guide; Impact of weeds on Australian grain production; 19th NSW Biennial Weeds Conference; Biosecurity Act 2015 update; Getting involved in the 21AWC

A Good Weed #76 Spring 2016 [PDF |2.75Mb]

Includes new society logo; Annual Dinner and AGM; 19th NSW Weeds Conference; Tropical soda apple control program; People are blind to plants; Sea spurge – an invasion problem; NSW weedos wow WA; Biosecurity Act 2015 and weeds; Invasive animal action tool

A Good Weed #75 Winter 2016 [PDF |3.93Mb]

Includes Macspred – new sponsor; Glyphosate – safety and use; A new weed inclusion – coral creeper; Obituary – Kelvin Green

A Good Weed #74 Autumn 2016 [PDF |4.01Mb]

Includes Weed management on Big Island, Broughton Island and Lord Howe Island; Impressive biocontrol agent for Crofton weed; Threatened native plants can become weeds; Society and CAWS awards

A Good Weed #73 Summer2015/16 [PDF | 2.78Mb]

Includes 2016 committee; President’s Report; Life membership – Warwick Felton and Lawrie Greenup; Annual reports; Root exudates in sorghum species; A prickly history – two new Onopordum species; Chemical an app updates from Dow AgroScience

A Good Weed #72 Spring 2015 [PDF |3.12Mb]

Includes President’s Report; AGM and Dinner; 18th NSW Weeds Conference, Cooma; 19th NSW Weeds Conference, Armidale; African olive in the Hunter region; Student travel report – Laura Williams; Giant devil’s fig, Pacific Highway; Ox-eye daisy in Kosciuscko National Park; Hunter Central Coast Weeds; Biosecurity legislative framework; Draft strategic plan – LLS; CAWS report

A Good Weed #71 Winter 2015 [PDF |3.01Mb]

Includes President’s Report; 18th NSW Weeds Conference; Why weed control matters – Monaro region; UAV’s in regional inspection and surveillance; St John’s wort; Allelopathic interations between lucerne and annual ryegrass; NSW Weeds Action Program; Sponsor – Truxor Australia; NSW Weedwise app; Free conference registration; Society’s 50 years anniversary; Society Awards; CAWS report; 20th Australasian Weeds Conference.

A Good Weed #70 Autumn 2015 [PDF |5.21Mb]

Includes: Undergraduate award winner; Call for project funding; Member discount for conference; 18th NSW Weeds Conference, Cooma; 2015 Award Applications; Incorrect advice on weed control; NSW to host 21st Australasian Weeds Conference; Advertising rates; Biological control of Crofton Weed; Canola interference; Resistance issues from WSSA meeting; Parthenium weed infestation; 20th Australasian Weeds Conference; CAWS report

A Good Weed #69 Summer 2014/15 [PDF |2.33Mb]

Includes 49th Annual General Meeting reports; Alan Murphy – Society Life Membership; Weed Society seminar; Should the Society expand its scope?; 18th NSW Weeds Conference; Weed Alert – Kudzu; Diversity array technology, annual ryegrass and herbicide resistance; Weed Society Awards for 2015

A Good Weed #68 Spring 2014 [PDF |4.45Mb]

Includes Undergraduate Award winner; 19th Australasian Weeds Conference; “Do NOT enter the Red zone”; Protecting coastal ecosystems in Southern NSW; Don’t let the herbicide resistance cat out of the bag; Metabolic profiling of secondary compounds in Echium spp.; Planet of Weeds – City of Sydney; Dow AgroSciences Vigilant II; Response to natural resource review; CAWS Medal for Leadership recipients; 18th NSW Weeds Conference; Buerckner and Stephenson Awards

A Good Weed #67 Winter 2014 [PDF |3.40Mb]

Includes Undergraduate Award winners; 19th Australasian Weeds Conference; 18th NSW Weeds Conference; Jenolan Caves – Sycamore wars; Invasive Species Plan 2015-2022; Lantana leaf-mining beetle; Salvinia case study; Ecology and control of Poa Annua on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island; Harrisia castus 2014 response; Weed Alert – Kei Apple; ChemCert update; Noxious Weeds Act 1993; WoNS asparagus weeds manual

A Good Weed #66 Autumn 2014 [PDF |2.33Mb]

Includes New sponsors; HCCW trailer hits the road; 19th Australasian Weeds Conference; North Coast Councils engage with tropical soda apple; new workshop – ‘identifying weeds’; weed alert – hawkweeds, Hieracium spp.; cupid’s flower – Ipomea quamoclit; DNA barcoding of fleabane, Conyza bonariensis; DNA barcoding of grass species; new glyphosate resistant species; Sydney Weeds Committee professional forum; weed risk management assessment; 4th South Australian Weeds Conference; 5th Victorian Conference

A Good Weed #65 Summer 2013/14 [PDF |3.88Mb]

Includes 2014 Executive committee; 48th Annual General Meeting reports; 19th Australasian Weeds Conference report; Weeds down under – Macquarie Island; Using glyphosate for glyposate resistant barnyard grass – is it possible?; Basal bark techniques – woody weeds; Getting on top of silverleaf nightshade; Weed Society Awards; 17th NSW Weeds Conference funding; Review of weed management

A Good Weed #64 Spring 2013 [PDF |2.11Mb]

Includes Orbituary John Toth; Hornsby seminar; 17th NSW Weeds Conference (incl. Buerckner and Stephenson Awards and Photographic competition winners); African boxthorn; Community-based weed control; Weed herbarium transfer project; Apps – information at you fingertips; Review of 2,4-D NVE; Proposal – Noxious Weeds Act 1993; Book review – ‘Photography for fieldwork’

A Good Weed #63 Winter 2013 [PDF |3.24Mb]

Includes Vale John Toth; certificate of appreciation; Society seminar; NSW Weeds Conference; Lifeguards resuscitate sand dunes; International grasslands congress; Madeira vine; Lawn grass invasion of coastal forest; Carrion weed – eradication?; Weed alert – sicklethorn; Weed alert – kidneyleaf mudplantain; Glyphosate resistance – barnyard grass; New book – a Traveller’s Flora

A Good Weed #62 Autumn 2013 [PDF |2.34Mb]

Includes new society e-newsletter; Life medal presentation; Student prize; 17th NSW Weeds conference; Buerckner & Stephenson awards; photographic competition; Weed alert – tussock paspalum; Alligator weed in MIA floodway; Lord Howe Island approach to weeds; APVMA mobile app; Richardia; Noxious Weed Act – Order 30; Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge highlights; CAWS reports

A Good Weed #61 Summer 2012/13 [PDF | 2.64Mb]

Includes reports from the 47th AGM; weed herbarium transfer project; weed alert – yellow bells; 17th NSW Biennial Conference; Beurckner & Stephenson Awards; diuron – APVMA final review report; CO2 increase response to herbicides; Glyphosate symposium 18AWC; Global Herbcide Resistance Challenge; new book – Estuary Plants; Visit by Prof. Richard Mack

A Good Weed #60 Spring 2012 [PDF |3.44Mb]

Includes: 2013 NSW Weeds Conference; Glush weed (Hygrophila costata); Recognising and Identifying Grasses workshops; Pellitory (Parietaria judiaca); Cat’s claw creeper; Invasive species seminar; 18th Australasian Weeds conference; Red lantana; Herbicide resistance; Weeds are opportunists; Life Membership medal; Glyphosate resistance free testing program; CAWS report; 6th IWSC report; PhD Scholarship; society reports

A Good Weed #59 Winter 2012 [PDF |2.50Mb]

Includes Cessnock weeds seminar; Alligator weed; Agave – potential invasiveness; 18th Australisian weeds conference; Serrated tussock; Broom and the broom gall mite; WoNS – 12 weeds added; Fleabane workshop; Glyphosate roadside survey; CAWS report; 17th NSW Biennial conference; Washdown sites; Book review – Biological control of weeds in Australia

A Good Weed #58 Autumn 2012 [PDF |2.20Mb]

Includes Weed herbarium project; Parthenium weed; Consequences? Formosa Lily; No space 4 weeds; What thistle is on our logo; Grass weed adaptation; Torpedo grass; 18th Australasian Weeds Conference; Hudson Pear; Unmanned aerial vehicles; Student prize – Leah Garnett; Naturalised plants and climate change; CAWS report

A Good Weed #57 Summer 2011/12 [PDF |2.23Mb]

Includes Office Bearers 2011/12; travel support; medal for excellence; life memberships; Tamworth seminar; new projects; red lantana poem; fleabane workshop; lantana study; AGM reports

A Good Weed #56 Spring 2011 [PDF |3.53Mb]

Includes Tamworth seminar and annual dinner; NSW Weeds conference future fund; Orange hawkweed eradication management; Tr@cer Weed – weed mapping; Remote helicopter for weed surveillance; climate change and Paterson’s curse; National weed risk management protocol; glyphosate resistance update; fireweed detected in Wagga Wagga district; 6th International Weed Science Congress; new books

A Good Weed #55 Winter 2011 [PDF |2.19Mb]

Includes 16th NSW Weeds Conference; NSW weed society seminar; Bitou bush and native dune species competition with less water; Genes and trichomes identifying silverleaf nightshade

A Good Weed #54 Autumn 2011 [PDF |2.98Mb]

Includes 16th NSW Weeds Conference; Epping Environmental Weeds seminar; WSSA Award; breeding non-invasive ornamental plants; tropical soda apple; fireweed in northern tableland pastures; silverleaf nightshade workshops

A Good Weed #53 Summer 2010/11 [PDF |1.26Mb]

Includes Society Medal for Excellence awards; CAWS Medal for Leadership – Jim Pratley; Agricultural graduates – the future; Turf seminar report and keynote address;; AGM reports; I&I NSW ‘No space for weeds’ and weed indentification; Bush week; 16th NSW Weeds Conference 2011

A Good Weed #52 Spring 2010 [PDF |1.68Mb]

Includes 16th NSW Weeds Conference; Echinochloa species in northern grain region farming systems; ecology of fleabane; turf management and weed ocntrol seminar; NSW ‘No Space for Weeds’ campaign; glyphosate – is it still safe to use?; NSW pesticide legislation; caring for our coast; book review – ‘Restoring Natural Areas in Australia’

A Good Weed #51 Winter 2010 [PDF |1.47Mb]

Includes NSW Weeds conference proposal; camel melon and prickly paddy melon; lantana impacts on native communities; glyphosate resistance on SA roadsides; IWM workshops; successful Bitou bush program; what does your garden grow workshops; new publication – is that plant poisonous; bush regenerators handbook

A Good Weed #50 Summer/Autumn 2010 [PDF |1.77Mb]

Includes Graham Gregory Award – Peter McMaugh; AGM reports; Seminar highlights – Turf Herbicides; Seminar highlights – Lantana; Chinese holly grape; Dyer’s broom; Hairy panic or witchgrass?; MCPA approval review; Book review – Bush Regeneration; Book review – Weed Detection

A Good Weed 2000-2009

A Good Weed #49 Spring 2009 [PDF | 2.32Mb]
Includes a summary of the Epping seminar; Buerckner and Stephenson Awards; glyphosate resistance; Threatened species; GM crops; Save the Willows; Nursery industry survey; Dillon bush research plus more…
A Good Weed #48 Winter 2009 [PDF | 1.06Mb]
Includes summary of the Society strategic plan; student award details, excerpts from the 2008 seminar; program and registration details for the seminars in September; Caulerpa control on the far south coast; draft lantana management plan and much more.
A Good Weed #47 Autumn 2009 [PDF | 1.39Mb]
The newly designed A Good Weed includes items from the President & Treasurer; society events and news; new member & committee; travel study grant; website & stationery new designs; summaries of Murray Scholz & Jonathan Benyei presentation to the GM Seminar; new blackberry pest Rubus niveus; miconia outbreak on Far North Coast; What does your garden grow? workshops; AIAST accreditation programs; alligator weed outbreak on Far North Coast and, executive & committee photo gallery.
A Good Weed #46 Summer 2008/2009 [PDF | 785Kb]
Includes “Taytie” McLennan Obituary; Julian Cribb “Tackling the Global Food Crisis”; Suzanne Warwick “Lessons from Canada: GM”; Managing GM Canola in Australia; Herbicide Resistance: Awareness Not Enough; The Social Aspects Associated with the Continual Spread of Saggitaria platyphylla; Serrated Tussock – An Integrated Weed Management Experiment.
A Good Weed #45 Spring 2008 [PDF | 834Kb]
Includes NZ Plant Protection Society Address; items on Devil in the Detail – Silverleaf Nightshade; Spot Spraying – Commercial Reality; NSW Invasive Species Plan; Pest Management in Schools; Liverseed Grass – Glyphosate Resistant.
A Good Weed #44 June 2008 [PDF | 872Kb]
Items include Land Restoration [Bitou Bush] Project; Coastal Invader Management Regimes; My Life with Plants; “Weed Attack” Program; “NSW – No Space for Weeds” Program; “Weed Warriors” Program.
A Good Weed #43 December 2007 [PDF | 789Kb]
Includes Mike Hood Obituary; 2007 Environmental Weed Seminar; Jatropha as a Biofuel; Canberra’s Weed Swap Initiative; NSW Notification Legislation.
A Good Weed #42 June 2007 [PDF | 671Kb]
Weed Spread Assessment Program; Study Grant Report from Vinod Kumar Chejara; Boneseed, A Threat from the Mallee to the Mountains; Caulepa taxifolia – A Threatening Marine Invasive Weed.
A Good Weed #41 February 2007 [PDF | 642Kb]
Includes papers from Olive Workshop, Orange and the Poisonous & Allergenic Plants Seminar; 2006 AGM Reports; Pictures from AGM.
A Good Weed #40 November 2006 [PDF | 1.53Mb]
Includes pesticides in national parks; state bans on sale of willows; gorse best practice manual; olive workshop; Krismat; bridal creeper; glyphosate sustainability working groupThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #39 July 2006 [PDF | 1.32Mb]
Includes Olive forum; poisonous and allergenic plants; Axial – a new herbicide; mechanised spot spraying; sustainable weed managementThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #38 May 2006 [PDF | 1.61Mb]
Includes Orange DPI to close; Society survey; Lord of the weeds competition; Neem – may kill a few insects but the tree is perhaps a bigger pest; Mountains, tea and weeds in Uganda; Mysore thorn control at Lake InnesThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #37 January 2006 [PDF | 2.18Mb]
Includes ecology and management of alien plants; green invaders; cotton weed identification guide; aqautic weeds seminar abstracts; asthma weed project; selected papers from the 13th NSW biennial noxious weeds conferenceThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #36 October 2005 [PDF | 767Kb]
Includes Seminar on aquatic weeds; sponsor – Scott’s Australia; GRDC IWM initiative; No-tillage seminarThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #35 June 2005 [PDF | 2.35Mb]
Includes 4th world congress on allelopathy; new publications; consumer opinion – biotechnology; recent herbicide registrations; EPA pesticide training; rainforest weeds and their ways; equisetum species; booms to weed out river pestsThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #34 March 2005 [PDF | 1.42Mb]
Includes travel awards; report from noxious weeds advisory committee; news from APVMA; Windmills, clogs and cheese; APVMA atrazine review; pesticide spraying – avoiding drift and the effects of weatherThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #32 August 2004 [PDF | 2.56Mb]
Includes 14th Australian weeds conference; Sydney gardening show; GRDC grants; weed control on CD-rom; washdown guidelines published in Tasmania; small-flowered mallow spreads in WAThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #31 April 2004 [PDF | 2.01Mb]
Includes weed research at Tamworth Agricultural Institute; Hedysarum herbicide tolerance trial; Grow me instead; bush regenerators handbook; national ethnic biosecurity education campaign; resistance to knockdown herbicides; weedy crosswordThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #30 January 2004 [PDF | 1.48Mb]
Includes Weeds Go to Woe II seminar; fresh and nutritious burr medic; new law for training people who use pesticides; news from ChemCert; Australian cotton CRC news; GLP now mandatory for residue studies; what bladder ketmia have you got?The Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #29 September 2003 [PDF | 1.81Mb]
Includes report on 14th Australian weeds conference; 2009 Asia Pacific weeds conference; seminar – the operating environment for weed control; herbicide mode of action; Schouten Island gorse control; WEEDeck cards; nurseries and florists can be a worry; fluroxypyr for effective control of environmental weeds – Maderia vine, mother of millions and wandering jewThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #28 January 2003 [PDF | 1.65Mb]
Includes the pleasures of gardening; technical reports – European olive, new bioherbicide formulation, vulpia; weedbuster week; other good weedsThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #27 October 2002 [PDF | 1.64Mb]
Includes technical report – significant weeds of pastures; 13th Australian weeds conference; CAWSS report; weed society tidbits; special requestThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #26 July 2002 [PDF | 1.52Mb]
Includes weedbuster week; viewpoint; frequency of weeds conferences; technical reports – war on blue heliotrope, petty spurge; internet sitesThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #25 January 2002 [PDF | 1.61Mb]
Includes viewpoints – GM in Mexico, farmer registration; technical reports – Chilean needlegrass; society news; CAWSS medal guidelinesThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #24 November 2001 [PDF | 1.44Mb]
Includes viewpoint – bloody foreigners; technical reports – weed seed longevity, weed survey, market awash with flupropanate; executive spotlight; 11th biennial weeds conference reportThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #23 August 2001 [PDF | 1.55Mb]
Includes technical report – Mexican feather grass; conference reports; travel report – Clare Murphy; biennial weeds conferenceThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #22 April 2001 [PDF | 1.82Mb]
Includes technical reports – CRC research benefits, blue heliotrope beetle, herbicide resistance review, pature weed mapping; conference notice; internet siteThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #21 October 2000 [PDF | 1.42Mb]
Includes technical reports – serrated tussock, planting trees for control, mystery biocontrol agents; qualifications without training; mea culpa; report on weed management 2000 conference; serrated tussock workshopThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #20 July 2000 [PDF | 1.60Mb]
Includes technical reports – serrated tussock, privet and human health, herbicide resistance survey, update on flupropanate; travel report – Galapagos Islands; report on 2nd world congress on allelopathy; travel study grantsThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.
A Good Weed #19 February 2000 [PDF | 2.34Mb]
Includes technical reports – serrated tussock, Frenock and glyphosate; website; 12th Australian weeds conference report; travel grants; objectives of the Weed SocietyThe Weed Society of NSW Inc.

A Good Weed 1990-1999

A Good Weed #18 October 1999 [PDF | 707Kb]

Includes weedbuster week; travel reports – 3rd international forest vegetation management conference, 10th international symposium on biological control of weeds; kidney damage and lesser loosestrife; CRC horehound workshop

A Good Weed #17 August 1999 [PDF | 632Kb]

A Good Weed 1990-1999

Includes glyphosate resistant ryegrass in northern NSW; serrated tussock biological control; working out ways to spread Bathurst burr biological control; biological control of Paterson’s curse; future direction of CAWSS

A Good Weed #16 December 1998 [PDF | 1.08Mb]

Includes first state wort harvest; Galapagos Islands seek international help; herbicidal control of bitou bush; good bugs fight the ‘curse’; wild oats biology and dynamics of seedbanks; saffron thistle soon to suffer; CAWSS medal for Dr Deirdre Lemerle

A Good Weed #15 October 1998 [PDF | 941Kb]

Includes keeping weeds in the dark; managing vulpia in permanent pastures; horsetails, Equisetum spp.; a bog Paterson’s curse and subclover season; national ag-vet strategy

A Good Weed #14 July 1998 [PDF | 845Kb]

Includes fireweed – a hot topic; weed navigator; Himalayan honeysuckle (Leycesteria formosa); national competency standards; invading plants pose a threat to the U.S.

A Good Weed #13 April 1998 [PDF | 1.05Mb]

Includes Evil weed; bitou bush; flower colour variation in wild radish; low rates of Frenock for removal of serrated tussock; cabomba: aquarium environmental timebomb; old anecdotes about weeds

A Good Weed #12 December 1997 [PDF | 1.13Mb]

Includes weedbuster week wash-up; the Madafiglio report – Brighton weeds conference; plant identification competition; weed listservers; southern neighbours go electronic; nova anglica – the web of our endeavours

A Good Weed #11 October 1997 [PDF | 1.06Mb]

Includes NSW weeds strategy launched; growth of weeds under elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide; parthineum weed – the situation in NSW; rust for intermediate leaf form of skeleton weed; biocontrol implications of genetic variation in blackberry and rust; integration of herbicide use and biocontrol in horehound; hardy marsh plants gobble up weedkiller

A Good Weed #10 July 1997 [PDF | 1.07Mb]

Includes herbicide resistance -serious problem or new opportunity; flea beetle jump into paterson’s curse; don’t let the alligator (weed) loose; weed watch warning – common elder (Sambucus nigra); nurseries help out; weeds wet and wild; riverina branch formed

A Good Weed #09 April 1997 [PDF | 1.33Mb]

Includes AQIS endoresement of weed risk assessment system; the Gardener report – Chilean needle grass; NSW Agriculture changes approach to weeds; Parramatta grass control by selective application of glyphosate; Novartis on parade with Cadence; weed management in the urban jungle

A Good Weed #08 December 1996 [PDF | 726Kb]

Includes giant Parramatta grass; serrated tussock – biocontrol to add to strategy; from abseiling scouts to a little white moth – the battle with bitou bush continues; bitou bush at La Perouse; weed awareness goes national

A Good Weed #07 October 1996 [PDF | 995Kb]

Includes noxiousw weeds strategy; volunteers rehabilitating urban bushland; goats – can they fill a niche in weed management; insect damage – looking good; St John’s wort – end of an era; weedvertising

A Good Weed #06 August 1996 [PDF | 988Kb]

Includes glyphosate resistance discovered; gene transfer from herbicide resistant crops and pastures; the Smith report – international weed control congress; weeds and the law; sheep in the crop; moratorium on willow imports; not so glorious; weedvertising; weed management in a wetland environment

A Good Weed #05 March 1996 [PDF | 906Kb]

Includes adjuvants – the state of play; the Medd report – 3rd international bioherbicide workshop; biological control of silverleaf nightshade; nodding thistle on the NSW tablelands; pasture survey

A Good Weed #04 December 1995 [PDF | 958Kb]

Includes weed dilemma in NSW rice; invaders from South America; chemical control – an update; pesticide regulation in NSW; volunteer bushcare; weeds in the Asian-Pacific region; herbicide classification according to mode of action

A Good Weed #03 September 1995 [PDF | 1.11Mb]

Includes biological control as an option for bushland weed management; cheap chemical imports; weeds on the net; weeds unit moves to Tamworth; permits to possess noxious weeds

A Good Weed #02 June 1995 [PDF | 1.43Mb]

Includes drought feed brings disaster seed; the Sindel report – international compositae conference; capeweed – a metal mining machine; watching for siam weed; weeds at wool expo; new labels to tackle herbicide resistance

A Good Weed #01 March 1995 [PDF | 1.17Mb]

Includes weeds hit the big time; role of herbicide-resistant crops and pastures; is chicory one of the good weeds?; the Lemerle report: weed science in the UK; Siam weed found in Australia; grain and stockfeed imports; NSW weeds strategy

Newsletter – #1994/04 [PDF | 3.89Mb]
Newsletter – #1994/03 [PDF | 1.42Mb]
Newsletter – #1994/01 [PDF | 1.36Mb]
Newsletter – #1993/05 [PDF | 2.11Mb]
Newsletter – #1993/04 [PDF | 1.45Mb]
Newsletter – #1993/01 [PDF | 1.84Mb]
Newsletter – #1992/04 [PDF | 1.97Mb]
Newsletter – #1992/03 [PDF | 1.54Mb]
Newsletter – #1990/02 [PDF | 761Kb]

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