NSW Weed Society Seminar Archives

Using herbicides effectively in the future


Controlling Weeds in Sensitive Urban Environments – Diane Campbell; The Role of EPA Inspectors. What we need to know as Weed Managers? – Dave Thompson; Assessing Weed Control Programs for Environmental Management – Mark Scott; Educating Managers & Operators to Ensure Good Results – Jonathan Pearson; Techniques for Weed Management in Environmentally Sensitive Areas – Jim Phimister; Developing New Products and Environmental Data Demands – Tom Lamond; The A – Z about Pesticide Permits. Tips for New Players – Karl Adamson; Recent Advances in Drift Management. What can we do to Minimise Drift? – Andrew Hewitt

Our Focus, Our Future


Seminar hosted by Hunter Central Coast Weeds and supported by the Weed Society of New South Wales.

Turf management and weed control

  • Date: 25/11/2010
  • Author: Weed Society of New South Wales

Herbicides (Narrabri)

Herbicides (Epping)

GM Crops: Risks and Benefits

Environmental Weeds

Weeds Woe to Go IV

Feral Olives

Aquatic Weeds

  • Date: 03/11/2005
  • Author: Weed Society of New South Wales

Weeds Woe to Go II

  • Date: 17/03/2004
  • Author: Weed Society of New South Wales

Training for Weed Managers


Recognition of prior learning – B Rees; Integrated Weed Management from a training perspective – J Kent; National weeds competencies – implementation and value – R Kidd; Proposed regulations for training and record keeping under the Pesticides Act 1999 – A Ernst

Weed Management 2000

  • Date: 17/08/2000
  • Author: Weed Society of New South Wales


A review of weed control and weed management at century’s turn. August 17 2000 Hawkesbury Conference Centre, University of Western Sydney

Weed Management in a wetland environment

  • Date: 29/10/1996
  • Author: Weed Society of New South Wales

Weeding Australia – A Landcare Dilemma


A 25th anniversary project supported by Landcare Australia.

Landcare – important to all Australians – S Lyall; Weed attributes in relation to Landcare – R Groves; Weed control – its role in Landcare – H Combellack; Weeds, NSW Agriculture and Landcare – W Felton; A practical viewpoint of Landcare – G Drew; Bushcare: a collaborative response to weed management – A Richards; Integrated approach to weed control in nature conservation – C Nazer; Noxious weeds are important – the case for legislation – L Smith

The Chemist’s role in weed control

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. VI


Keynote Address: ‘Whither Weeds?”. RW Prunster; The Environmental Impact of Weed Control in Crops and Pastures. GB Baldwin; Effects of Some Ecological Methods of Weed Control on the Agricultural Environment in New South Wales. MH Campbell; The Environmental Impact of Weed C.ontro1 in Public Parks and Gardens. W Gentle; Exotic Plants in Urban Bushland in the Sydney Region. D Adamson and R Buchanan; The Environmental Implications of Weed Control in Aquatic Situations. WP Dunk; Economic Aspects of Weed Control. BR Davidson; Developments in the Biological Control of Weeds. JM Cullen; Industrial and Total Vegetation Control. J Toth; The Environmental Impact of Weed Control – Development Chemicals. JM Landy and WC Stonebridge

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. V


The History of Weed Research in Australia. Friday 11th August 1972, The Badham Lecture Theatre Badham Building, University of Sydney.

The Weeds Themselves – Early History and Identification.- P. W. Michael; A Jubilee of Research Administration, 1920-L970.–J. Strang; Ecological and Cultural Studies.-B. A. Auld; The Early History of Chemical Weed Control in Australia.- E. G. Cuthbertson; Chemical Weed Control After 1950-Government.- A. D. Mears; Chemicals After 1950-Industry.- J. M. Swain

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. IV


Weed Control in Tobacco. AD Mears; Herbicides for Total Vegetation Control. J Toth; Atrazine Adsorption and Control of Echinochloa in Australian Soils. KH Bowmer; Phytotoxicity of Diuron in Some Australian Soils. AR Pillay and YT Tchan; Leaching Properties of Simazine and Diuron in a Murray Valley Sand in Relation to Weed Control in Citrus. PW Weiss

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. III


Thistle Symposium, 1970 : Biology and Ecology of Thistles. PW Michael; Thistle Control Recommendations. PH Hodge; Thistles at “Lake Edward” – A Case History. JE Carter; Leeton Symposium , 1968 : Some Aspects of Weed Control in Irrigation Systems Operated by the Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission of New South Wales.-GR Sainty; Contributed papers : The Preparation and Usage of Small Volumes of Herbicidal Solutions with Application to Skeleton Weed (Chondrilla juncea L). CG Greenham; Control by Diuron of Echinochloa colonum in Australian Cotton-growing Soils. PW Michael and PJ van Rijn

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. II


Woody Weeds of the Southern Tablelands – B Long; Land Clearing on the Tablelands – I McLean; Principles & Problems in the Control of Woody Weeds – EP Bachelard; Economics of Land Development in Australia – BR Davidson; Ecological aspects of tree and shrub control on grazing lands – RM Moore

Proceedings of the Weed Society of New South Wales Vol. I


Weed competition in wheat – EG Cuthbertson; The cost of weeding cotton – JB fisher and RR Schulze; The importance of weed control in vegetable production – PF Rylands; Weeds in horticulture – DS Leigh; The influence of weeds on the seed industry – HK Blackwood; Economics of weeds in forestry – GN Baur; Vegetation control for increased pasture production – FC Crofts; Land clearing – techniques & cost – KA Watson; Effect of weeds on wool production and quality – RD Eastoe; The effect of vegetable fault on the price paid for wool – ID Webster and RB Whan; Poison plants and animal health – EJ McBarron; Impact of weeds on animal husbandry & production – lL Johnstone; The weed control problem within the department of railways, New South Wales – MD Mahoney; Cost of weeds on roads and industrial situations – BL Winter; Weeds in parks and gardens – RW Boden; Effects of aquatic weeds on the community – WP Dunk; Noxious weeds and their regulations – HR Carter; Influence of weeds on human health – D. O. Cross; The economics of herbicides – FC McDiarmid; The future of weed science – KR Green