Weed Wipeout

Weed Wipeout is an interactive computer game where the player is in a position of managing a farm with weed problems. The player is required to make decisions regarding the most appropriate weed management strategy, and then discovers the results of these decisions. Humorous and unexpected events appear, keeping the job at hand very interesting.

A Global Compendium of Weeds. Third Edition

This publication is targeted at people who introduce, distribute, sell or grow plants, people who need to respond to reports of incursions or those who may generate the report. It should be used by farmers, pastoralists, home and hobbyist growers, production and retail nurseries, people involved with plants at any level of government and any […]

Weed Seed Wizard

The Weed Seed Wizard is a national collaborative project which uses paddock management information to predict weed emergence and crop losses now and in the future. This computer simulation tool is applicable Australia-wide for a range of species. The benefits of a range of weed seed management techniques can be evaluated at paddock level.

Supermarket Botany

Supermarket Botany website sceencapture

A hands-on, user-friendly platform for teaching students about the differences between fruits and vegetables, between roots, stems and leaves and the developmental sequence from flowers to fruits.

RIM – Ryegrass Integrated Management

A hands-on, user-friendly decision tool offered by the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI), aimed primarily at farmers and advisors, but may be of interest to tertiary level students. Allows simulation of various scenarios to evaluate the long term cropping profitability of strategic and tactical annual ryegrass control methods, on the long term and at the […]


Primezone logo

Provides teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources. This website is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation (PIEF), a national not-for-profit company with government, industry and education membership. These resources are about agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, including related topics such as exporting and sustainable farming. 

Misbehaving Plants

Misbehaving Plants booklet cover

Misbehaving plants is a big book with an introduction to weeds, a narrative story, a cartoon strip and factual information on weeds. This resource was developed in consultation with experienced lower primary / infants teachers. While the book was developed for early stage teachers, the content and lesson activities suit a range of abilities, making […]


Having fun, getting active, being outdoors – gardening is perfect for kids. Kids get a real kick of making things grow. But more than that, growing things in a school setting adds the potential for kids to achieve real learning outcomes while creating their own gardens. This is why NGIA has put together KidsGrow, a […]

Ghastly Guests

Ghastly Guests booklet cover

Ghastly Guests is an upper primary unit of work that investigates weeds with links to the curriculum in each state and territory of Australia. The unit includes suggested lesson activities with accompanying worksheets and teacher resources.