Direct Drilling Oral History Project

This project examined the development and early introduction of Direct Drilling in the winter rainfall areas of Australia (WA,SA, Vic and NSW) in the 1970’s.

The main emphasis was on the early adopters who are the unsung heroes of this great story. They comprise the majority of the 35 interviews completed over a two year period. Key multipliers,such as Brian Scarsbrick, and a few ICI personnel are also interviewed.

The interviews are whole of life, often 5 hours, but are topic indexed so that Direct Drilling can be easily accessed. The majority are open on line but a few are restricted so you will need to follow a procedure which is explained to access these ones.

I would like to acknowledge the National Library of Australia Folklore and Oral History Branch for undertaking this project with great skill and enthusiasm; the two exceptional interviewers and generous sponsors Grain and Development Council (GRDC) and Syngenta. This funding enabled us to complete the project as a matter of urgency which was essential given the advanced age of most participants.

Interviews can be accessed from the National Library of Australia Direct Drilling Project.